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This new Fairport Convention LP  did alienate some Fairport  fans – a radical change in musical approach by a popular band will always do that, regardless. The new Fairport lineup that produced Rosie, Daves Swarbrick, Pegg and Mattacks and newcomers Jerry Donahue and Trevor Lucas (last seen with Fotheringay),  decided that the traditional folk idiom has been too thoroughly explored to warrant further time on the recording schedule. Swarb was convinced at the time that it was time for Fairport to retreat from an overworked stance; hence Rosie, an album which barely flirts with the sort of thing Fairport Convention had stood for in the past. The results of what had been a year of group turmoil were, mixed, but overall it was and still is, a very fine effort indeed.

Jerry Donahue - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Trevor Lucas - acoustic guitars, vocals
Dave Mattacks - drums, percussion, piano
Davey Pegg - bass guitar, mandolin, vocals
David Swarbrick - fiddle, mandolin, vocals

With Special Thanks To

Sandy Denny/vocals. track 1
Linda Peters/vocals. track 1
Richard Thompson/electric & acoustic guitar. track 1
Ralph McTell/acoustic guitar. track 6
Gerry Conway/drums. tracks 1/3/5
Timi Donald/drums. tracks 2/6/7
The Swarbrick Brothers (Dave, Cyril & Eric)/vocals. track 8
Andy Wheeler (alias Shirley Temple)/dogsbody
Phillip Stirling-Wall/PMG
produced by: Trevor Lucas
engineered by: John Wood
Recorded at: Sound Techniques
Design by: Mick Haggerty

Rosie 1973 [click for larger image]
Island ILPS 9208 (LP, UK, March 1973)

side 1


Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Knights of the Road

Peggy's Pub

The Plainsman

side 2

Hungarian Rhapsody

My Girl

Me With You

The Hens March Through The Midden/The Four Poster Bed

Fur & Feathers

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